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Stockpot Magazine

As the official publication for the Craft Guild of Chefs, Stockpot provides chefs across the UK with all the latest news and views from the culinary world.

As the key medium the Craft Guild uses to communicate with its members, Stockpot's editorial coverage includes:

  • Culinary competition updates
  • Event reviews
  • Chef profiles
  • Regular focus features on ingredients, training, legislative issues, and masterclasses

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For an outline of our editorial plans for 2019, you can view or download the editorial schedule attached.

Latest Stockpot

12th Jun 2019

Stockpot 2

By: Admin
Winners Alfred Bloomfield, Emily Gleed and Dan Blackburn will now be invited to the Skills for Chefs where they will meet chefs Daniel Clifford and Clare Smyth as well as winning a host of other...

27th Feb 2019

Stockpot Winter 2018

By: Katie Imms
With the year rapidly coming to a close, I would like to reflect on what have been eight very exciting months for me personally. Being at the forefront of the Craft Guild of Chefs has presented some...

22nd Oct 2018

Stockpot Autumn 2018

By: Katie Imms
Since taking over as chair, I have realised just how much esteem the entire industry has for the Craft Guild of Chefs. But that’s not to say that we haven’t got our work cut out, especially in terms...

16th Oct 2018

Stockpot 2019 Editorial Schedule

By: Katie Imms
The official publication for the Craft Guild of Chefs, please find our latest forward feature list for Stockpot 2019 attached.

More Stockpot

16th Sep 2014
The show this year received an update and makeover to its well known, sturdy and robust platform – this year the overall look...
16th Sep 2014
I started the year in Devon where the Major Series saw an undisputedly large amount of entries culminating in the highest...
22nd Jan 2014
The continued success of TV programmes such as MasterChef and Saturday Kitchen, alongside the rise in social media platforms...
20th Nov 2013
The glitz and the glamour of our 20th awards highlighted just how far the Craft Guild of Chefs, and indeed its founding body...
04th Jul 2013
I have been a member of the Guild for the past 14 years and initially served as support for the culinary team and then as...
16th May 2013
“Anyone know why carrots are orange?” quizzed Mark Rigby from the Craft Guild of Chefs. “Because rabbits like them,” came the...
16th May 2013
The Craft Guild’s Culinary Academy team will be out in force in the Salon Culinaire at Hotelympia at ExCeL in London, taking...
12th Apr 2013
The Skillery lived up to its name at the IFE 2011 show at ExCeL in London showcasing all the skills that the Craft Guild of...
12th Apr 2013
Every few years or so the issue of obesity raises its head and sends warning signals to the industry and the public at large...
12th Apr 2013
Another year and another four young talented chefs have been added to the growing Craft Guild of Chefs Graduate Awards roll...