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Kelly's Cause

Kelly's Cause
We are offering up a 50% reduction to their courses by using the code: CRAFTGUILD50

Kelly’s Cause Foundation is a charity that aims to create a mentally healthy hospitality industry for all through Mental Health First Aid training, awareness-raising, and stigma reduction. Kelly’s Cause was founded in honour of Kelly, a young, talented chef who sadly took her own life at just 23. 
Kelly’s Cause are excited to be able to deliver their two-day hospitality Mental Health First Aid course in-person again.  
Participants on the course will learn practical skills to spot the signs of a number of different mental health issues and develop the confidence needed to support a person in a mental health crisis using the Mental Health First Aid action plan. They’ll also obtain a wealth of resources that can be used to assist others, and develop an understanding of how to look after their own well being while performing their duties as a Mental Health First Aider.

Our members receive a 50% discount for all Kelly’s Cause courses using the code CRAFTGUILD50.

To register or find out more information about the course click here. They also offer in-house courses for hospitality businesses looking to create a mentally healthy workplace with eight or more staff to train. For more information on these please email

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CODE Hospitality

CODE Hospitality
40% discount for members

Craft Guild of Chefs offer: save over 4O% + 1 month free

A digital members’ club for the hospitality industry Save up to 5O% when you dine out

Exclusive member offers and perks. 

View offer and how to join

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hospital medical care association

Hospital and Medical Care Association

Hospital and Medical Care Association
Discounted Medical Plans

The Craft Guild of Chefs has agreed with HMCA to offer discounted rates for medical plans, dental plan, hospital cash plans, personal accident plan, travel plan, income protection and vehicle breakdown products.

Are you paying too much for your present private medical plan? Why not take a look at the HMCA plans and compare the benefits and subscriptions offered? You may transfer to HMCA at any age and without a medical examination; there will be no break in protection and there is a 14 day money-back guarantee.

HMCA only offer medical plans to membership groups and can offer up to a 40% discount off the underwriter’s standard rates. This is a comprehensive plan which provides generous cash benefits for surgery and other charges

Who are HMCA? - HMCA has specialised in providing benefits and services to associations and professional groups since the 1970s. HMCA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For further information and quotations contact HMCA by telephone on 01423 799949 or visit the exclusive HMCA The Craft Guild of Chefs website here:

© 2019 HMCA/S PLC trading as Hospital and Medical Care Association, HMCA and HMCA Members are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. HMCA/s PLC is a company registered in England, company number: 01362094, registered office: Beech Hall, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, HG5 0EA


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RH Hall

RH Hall
The Best Chefs only use the Best Outdoor Cooking Systems…

…Get your sales sizzling all year round! Crown Verity provides the complete outdoor cooking system, with a range of grills to suit every user from the publican with a small outdoor space to the busy event caterer looking for the ultimate outdoor cooking solution. Every model in the range is built to the same high specification using only the finest materials and workmanship throughout and has the option to be modified to suit any requirement with slot together accessories, allowing you to upgrade your grill and enhance your BBQ menu!

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36 Month Seasonal Low Payment Scheme
Payments from just £35 a month!

Or click here to save £££’s and purchase outright now!

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Cavity Protection Systems

10% off deal

Special Offer for Craft Guild of Chef members:
Receive 10% off the price of your liner or get a FREE liner when you purchase a commercial microwave from Regale, our associate company. Just call 01329 285518 and quote “CGMEM”.

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Craft Guild of Chefs Whites

Order your chef whites from Russums embroidered with the Craft Guild of Chefs emblem.

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Enjoy everything that Oranka offers with free on loan dispensers and no contract!

We’re here to make your life easier. People love quality and your customers are no different. So, whatever your fruit juice and smoothie needs, we know we can come up with the perfect approach.

Our products, dispensing and presentation solutions are designed to give your customers well-presented healthier drink options, balanced through-out the day…whatever your hospitality environment!

All Craft Guild members are eligible for free on loan dispensers and no contract with Oranka Juice Solutions*.

What are we all about?

  • Extensive choice
    Freshly pressed, not from concentrate, ice teas or multivitamin drinks…or maybe vitamin packed super juices and smoothies.
  • Variety and diversity
    Seasonal flavours, organic, Fairtrade and low sugar products suitable for diabetics.
  • Tailored approach
    We’ve been around a while, so know what works whether for a hotel, spa, leisure, travel hub, foodservice, education or care setting.
  • Ideal day parted solution
    Easily adapt and change your drinks, flavours and dispensers to suit the time of day.
  • Join up seamlessly
    Tried and tested dispensing and presentation concepts, with juices that can be stored at room temperature unopened for 12 months and reduce packaging waste by up to 95%.

Plus with Oranka you can keep customers safe and maintain social distancing with a range of options to make self-dispensing safer. This includes the uniquely designed and developed Stay Safe Adaptor to be used with our Yorkshire Dispenser taps to still create a stylish offering while ensuring your guests remain safe. Or take your pick from one of the Grab ‘n’ Go options – fill your own, cartons or glass bottles – all packed with the refreshing juices and smoothies that Oranka are renowned for.

For further information, contact Oranka on 0330 998 0555, email or visit

*Minimum usage applies

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