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24th January 2018

December 2017: Welcome

Written by: Katie Imms
2017 was another outstanding year, with a rich awry of events, competitions and the chance to meet up with so many of you throughout the year, this to us is just what a true partnership is all about, and long may it continue.

We pride ourselves in working with all of our Partners, whether they are small family run businesses or part of a larger national company, all are equally important, all offer up a valued contribution with whatever service or product they supply, the very best thing to do is to look through and take time to see just what they offer, it could very well be something you are after.

We have as we do each year have a selection of new partners who joined us through 2017, a warm welcome to them, and as ever we have a large selection who have been ‘around’ for many years, and who are around because they know and feel the benefit, we would like to think that we have helped their success in some way.

As well as the guide we have a section where there are some key dates of our activities this year, there may be events that you would like to get involved with, sponsor or just know more about, please do let us know and we can point you in the right direction. We are always looking at how we can deliver a great end result; it does not matter if we are running a small Salon around the country to National Chef of the Year, our Graduate Awards to our own Christmas lunch the amount of events that we put on and are involved with for next year already stands at 49, no mean feat!

With the dreaded Brexit getting ever much closer we are well aware that your time and money is valuable, and we are committed that this is used in the right way, and bringing the very next generation of young Chefs through is just one of these.

For the Chefs out there this Guide is to be used and benefited from, a valuable tool in your kitchen.