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Bunzl Lockhart

Bunzl Lockhart

Good news for Bunzl Lockhart after the Craft Guild of Chefs approved both its Chefmaster Induction Hobs and Prepara Induction Pans to its Endorsed Products.

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Cavity Protections Systems Microsave liner

Cavity Protections Systems' Microsave liner

Cavity Protections Systems

Cavity Protections Systems’ MicrosaveTM liner has been awarded ‘endorsed product’ status by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

The MicrosaveTM is a specially developed rigid liner that can be removed, washed at the end of service and replaced for use time and again avoiding cross contamination of burnt food particles, making the microwave interior much easier to clean and avoiding down time and costly repairs.

All chefs involved in the testing agreed that the MicrosaveTM was very easy to use, would make a huge difference in cleaning time and was a great investment as it could help to extend the useful life of their microwave ovens.

The MicrosaveTM is intended to outlast the average commercial microwave oven and offer good value for money.

Pat Bray, managing director of Cavity Protection Systems Ltd, said: “We were delighted to learn that the MicrosaveTM was so well received by the chefs that carried out the testing and that they felt it was worthy of endorsement. We have many years of expertise in microwave ovens and see the regularity of breakdowns caused by thorough cleaning procedures not being adhered to.

“The MicrosaveTM has been well received by the industry for many years and to have the endorsement of the Craft Guild of Chefs makes us very proud indeed.”

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Chef Makes The Grade With Craft Guild Of Chefs Endorsement


The CHEF range of premium fonds and jus from Nestlé Professional  has secured top marks through the Craft Guild of Chefs’ esteemed Product Endorsement Programme. The range will now carry the respected logo which includes the ‘approved product’ stamp of approval on its packaging and promotional literature.

The Programme, enables food manufacturers to test existing products and those under development using leading chefs from across the hospitality industry - establishing whether products are ‘fit for purpose’.

The results of the questionnaire submitted to the Craft Guild of Chefs by Nestlé Professional show that the range excelled across all areas, including flavour, appearance, preparation and packaging. The range of products were found to be authentic in colour and flavour and the stocks were rated easy to prepare and suitable for use in a wide range of dishes.

Martin Lines, marketing director, Nestlé Professional comments, “The Craft Guild of Chefs Endorsement Programme carries real weight across the industry and we are thrilled to receive this accolade. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest stocks which make life simpler for chefs who are under increasing pressure in kitchens where time is of the essence.”

Known for their superior quality, versatility and ease of use, CHEF fonds and jus are ideal for chefs that don’t have the time or resources to create their own stocks and sauces from scratch.

Based on traditional recipes, the White Chicken, Basic Brown, Vegetable Stock or Jus de Veau Lié, all have a clean, natural taste. All products within the range are low in saturated fats and contain no added MSG or hydrogenated vegetable oils. They can be reduced and thickened without impairing flavour, acting as a blank canvass allowing chefs to unleash their creativity and create world-class dishes.


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Creative Foods

Creative Foods
  • Sous Vide Seasoned Half Chicken 553g
  • Sous Vide Lemon & Herb Half Chicken 573g
  • Slow Cooked Peri Peri Half Chicken 695g
  • Slow Cooked Glazed Teriyaki Beef Brisket 400g
  • Slow Cooked Glazed Carolina Mustard Beef Brisket 400g
  • Slow Cooked Beef Brisket in Red Wine Jus 400g
  • Slow Cooked Beef Bourguignon 530g
  • Slow Cooked Season Rind on Pork Belly with Apple, Calvados and Pork Stock Jus 560g
  • Slow Cooked Chicken Shawarma with Tzatziki Style Sauce 480g,
  • Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with a Smokey BBQ Sauce 400g
  • Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Shoulder 400g
  • Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Apple and Cider Jus 1.150kg
  • Slow Cooked Treacle Cured Gammon Hock 1.150kg
  • Slow Cooked Pink Beef Sirloin Joint 1kg
  • Slow Cooked Minted Lamb Shanks 700g
  • Slow Cooked Gammon Shanks with a Maple and Balsamic Glaze 550g
  • Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs with a Sweet BBQ Sauce 600g
  • Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs in a Smokey BBQ Sauce 600g
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Daregal's endorsed products include:

  • Cool'eaze Professional Range of Coulis, 240ml Soft Bottle with an Easy to Use Nozzle
  • Basil Coulis
  • Chilli and Ginger Coulis
  • Dill and Lemon Coulis
  • Parsley and Garlic Coulis
  • Parsley Coulis
  • Red Pepper and Rosemary Coulis
  • Tarragon Coulis
  • Watercress Coulis
  • Yellow Pepper and Lemon Thyme Coulis
  • Plant Based White Sauce
  • Mactop® Traditional
  • Plant Based Cream Alternative
  • Plant Based Demi-Glace
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce
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