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2023 British Culinary Championships (BCC) opens for entry

The British Culinary Championships, one of the UK’s largest live culinary competitions, will take place at Central Bedfordshire College on Tuesday 30th May - Wednesday 31st May 2023.

This competition and classes are open to both junior and senior competitors. There will be an award each day for hygiene, this is sponsored by Eco Delphis.

A spokesperson said: “Located in the heart of Bedfordshire, The Salon, managed by Central Bedfordshire College in association with the Craft Guild of Chefs is fast becoming one of the top salons in the country. The popular event, is growing in stature and is a fantastic platform for all chefs, but especially student chefs to get a first taste of competition experience.”

The competition is split into categories:

  • Live hot
  • Live cold
  • Restaurant
  • Display
  • Bakery
  • Food photography

A separate entry form must be completed for each competitor and submitted by post to reach the Craft Guild of Chefs by the closing date 15th May 2023. Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, payable by cheque. Each entry costs £10.

All judges are qualified and experienced and will mark independently on merit and without bias. Competitors are encouraged to seek feedback from judges once results are known. Judge’s decision is final.

All competitors who reach the required standard will be presented with a BCC Salon Culinaire medal and certificate. Awards will be made to the standard achieved. Where a standard is not reached, no award will be made. The awards include:

  • Gold Award - 90% or more
  • Silver Award - 75% or more
  • Bronze Award - 65% or more
  • Certificate of Merit - 55% or more

For more details and the entry form, click on the document below.

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