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Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe

Ed Cotterell – Managing Director
07831 403824

Robot-Coupe, the inventor and leading manufacturer of commercial food preparation equipment, has been serving chefs and providing food preparation solutions since 1960.


Robot-Coupe has the largest offering of commercial equipment in the world. Its wide range of machines adapts to the needs of every professional in all kinds of contexts, including restaurants, institutions, delicatessens and caterers, and is available in 130 countries through its network of distributors.


Robot-Coupe’s distribution partners guarantee sales, installation and after-sales customer service and its dedicated sales team is available to provide direct assistance to chefs in selecting the best solution for their kitchens. Chefs all over the world put their trust in Robot-Coupe to supply innovative, environmentally responsible food preparation solutions that save labour, time and money. Its ergonomic machines increase productivity and are easy to handle, clean and maintain.


Robot-Coupe offers free, no obligation demonstrations in end users’ kitchens, with training and after-sales support for all its products ranging from vegetable preparation machines, vertical and table-top cutter mixers, food processors (combined cutters and vegetable preparation machines), Blixers, power mixers, juicers and automatic sieves.