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21st March 2024

Vacherin steps up commitment to reducing food waste with Silo partnership

Written by: Edward Waddell
London contract caterer Vacherin has launched a sustainability initiative in partnership with chef and restaurateur Doug McMaster and his team at no-waste restaurant Silo.

The Silo Stages project is designed to accelerate Vacherin’s commitment to reducing food waste across its portfolio. Led by Vacherin’s executive development chef Steve Humphries, the initiative aims to ‘inform, inspire and empower’ chefs when it comes to food waste reduction.  

Starting this month and continuing throughout the year, 21 chefs will take part in experiential stages at Silo, the ‘world’s first zero-waste restaurant’. Each chef will be challenged to take back one positive food waste reducing action to their site with the goal of rolling out all effective changes across Vacherin’s 100+ sites.

Humphries said: “I am super excited to see this project coming to life. It’s an amazing opportunity for our chefs to work with and learn from a global sustainability innovator Doug McMaster.

“I’m very proud to be part of this movement to inventively drive our chefs and company forward with the planet firmly at the fore front. With the potential to create 21 tangible sustainability changes across our sites, the positive impact will be huge.”

The 21 chefs will learn about all aspects of Silo’s sustainability ethos and how that underpins its day-to-day operation. In addition to the fermentation lab experience, chefs will techniques to use the parts of ingredients that more commonly end up in the food waste bin, in ‘creative and delicious ways’.

Phil Roker, Vacherin’s managing director, added: “Doug is an inspiration to all chefs who care about the environment, and it is a real privilege for our team to experience his dedication and innovative approach in person. The lasting effects of these stages will be hugely beneficial for our teams, clients and our business.”