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7th March 2024

Unox launches DDC 2.0 to take cloud-based reporting to ‘new heights’

Written by: Edward Waddell
In a move that will drive reporting, analysing and energy management to an ‘all-new level’, Unox has launched Data Driven Cooking (DDC) 2.0.

DDC 2.0 has been designed to deliver ‘effortless’ oven management – either in an individual kitchen or across an entire estate.

Focusing on enhancing the user experience, the new system allows operators to group units by region, chain/brand or oven type, provides a comprehensive overview of individual ovens in real time and delivers detailed analytics to aid ongoing energy saving.

Containing a library of recipes created by the Unox corporate chef team and personalised by model, DDC 2.0 opens the possibility for regular menu development and updates. Using the latest digital download capability, the system can send recipes, software updates and other commands to individual ovens or roll them out across an entire group or chain.

Scott Duncan, managing director of Unox UK, said: “Connectivity is now a given in the professional catering equipment world, however, few platforms can compete with the user-friendliness, detail and capability of DDC 2.0. Created from genuine customer feedback, the launch of the new Data Driven Cooking 2.0 takes connectivity and remote monitoring to a completely new level.

“Ideal for chain and group accounts, the software helps our customers turn useful data into actionable strategies. From driving consistency through automatic menu updates to the ability to detect underperforming units, setting goals and targets to improve, DDC 2.0 is a ground-breaking step forward in kitchen technology.”