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12th January 2022

Royal Academy of Culinary Arts opens entries to Awards of Excellence

Written by: Edward Waddell
The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is now accepting entries for their Annual Awards for Excellence 2022.

Applicants must be working full-time in the UK as a chef, pastry chef or waiter and should be aged between 20 and 26-years-old at the close of entries on 4 February 2022. Since the awards began in 1983 over 650 young professionals have won the award, providing opportunities for a successful career path.

Chefs are be tested on a variety of food preparation and cookery tasks, from making a salad to butchery skills. They must demonstrate that they can prepare a number of dishes including soups, dessert and a piece of their own free interpretation.

Pastry chefs will be expected to demonstrate the ability to work with many different kinds of materials including detailed chocolate and sugar work, and a creative presentation piece, as well as an excellent grounding in baking and plated desserts.

Waiters are tested on their knowledge and skills in a wide range of food and beverage service aspects. These include product knowledge, technical service skills, interpersonal skills and teamwork.

In addition, the winning candidate who scores the highest marks in each section will be named the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Young Chef, Young Pastry Chef and Young Waiter of the Year 2022. Selection is based on written entries, with successful candidates going forward to the regional quarter-finals in February, semi-finals in March/April and finals in May/June.

The prizes include a £2,000 bursary thanks to the Savoy Educational Trust, work experience at Pollen Street Social with thanks to Jason Atherton and a specially commissioned engraved Silver Trophy thanks to Gordon Hogg and Finclass. 

To enter, visit here.