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22nd July 2020

Research identifies nation’s most hated vegetables

Written by: David Foad
Sprouts, artichokes, celery and aubergine have topped a list of the nation’s most hated vegetables, according to new research

Nationwide research has revealed a list of Britain’s most loathed veg, with the humble sprout holding on to the top spot (19%), followed by artichokes (14%) and celery and aubergine coming in joint third place with 13% of the vote. Beetroot, celeriac, fennel and okra also made the list.
And it seems as a nation, we are not getting enough greens in our diet, with the average Brit having not eaten broccoli in over one month.
It has also been seven weeks since the average Brit last consumed kale and over six weeks since eating celery.
Experts claim that eating a diet rich in leafy greens can offer numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and mental decline.
Yet, the study of 2,000 adults reveals, as a nation we eat an average of just two pieces of fruit and veg a day, a far cry from the recommended five portions daily.
And nearly half of the adults surveyed (47%) confess they rarely or never eat five portions a day, with nearly one in twenty (3%) confessing they do not eat any vegetables.
Excuses for skipping the five portions include not finding veggies exciting (39%) and not liking the taste of them (37%).
One third also admit they think it takes too much time and effort to prepare salads and vegetables daily.
When it comes to vegetables we do like, carrots emerged as the nation’s favourite.
Camilla Stephens, Founder of Higgidy and author of ‘Higgidy: The Veggie Cookbook’, said: “As a nation we’re falling far behind the recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables a day.  I was really surprised to find that Brits think veggies taste bland, boring and unexciting, while admitting their dinner plates are on average 40 per cent beige.
“It’s recommended by health experts that our meals should be made up of at least 50% rainbow vegetables and fruits as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Our range of veggie and plant based Ready to Bake Meals have up to two of the recommended five a day portion and are perfect for busy Brits who want a vibrant, nutritious meal that have that feel-good-factor.”
However, nearly half the nation (44%) have been trying to eat healthier during lockdown - although 18% have confessed to eating more comfort food and takeaways than normal throughout the pandemic.
To support Brits aiming to eat well, Higgidy has also launched its #EatTheRainbow Challenge on social media, encouraging the nation to get creative in the kitchen and eat as many colours of the veg rainbow as possible. For more veggie dinner inspiration, check out the ‘Higgidy: Veggie Cookbook’ at or follow @Higgidy on Instagram/Twitter.
20 Most Hated Veg
1.    Brussels sprouts - 19%
2.    Artichoke - 14%
3.    Celery - 13%
4.    Aubergine - 13%
5.    Beetroot - 10%
6.    Celeriac - 10%
7.    Butternut squash - 10%
8.    Bok Choy - 10%
9.    Broccoli - 9 %
10.    Yam - 9%
11.    Fennel - 9 %
12.    Okra - 8%
13.    Marrow - 8%
14.    Jerusalem artichoke - 8%
15.    Button mushrooms - 8%
16.    Pumpkin - 7%
17.    Cabbage - 7%
18.    Chard 7%
19.    Kale 6 %
20.    Courgette 6%