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5th February 2024

Report explores opportunities for reusables in hospitality & foodservice

Written by: Edward Waddell
The Footprint Intelligence report ‘Can a cup save the planet?’, which was produced in association with Meiko UK, explores opportunities for reusables in hospitality and foodservice.

The report details the challenges and solutions, finding evidence that reuse schemes are working. The report suggests there is overwhelming evidence that consumers and caterers want action.

Paul Anderson, managing director of Meiko and chair of the FEA, commented: “Waste disposal costs are going through the roof, storage space for bins is at a premium, and customers can’t stand packaging. Everybody hates waste, and we need to eliminate single-use items wherever possible.

“The issue of reusables and cutting single-use products is having an extraordinary effect on the UK catering industry. What is heartening is that we are witnessing a core change in societal behaviour, with the public and caterers pulling together to reduce waste. We are making it happen, and you can find out how by reading about the opportunities for reusables in hospitality and foodservice.”