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6th March 2024

Rational UK releases latest customer reference story video

Written by: Edward Waddell
Rational UK, has announced the release of their latest customer reference story video, showcasing how the iVario Pro and iCombi Pro cooking systems benefit Robbie Mukherjee‘s food preparation. The video is now available to view on Rational TV.

Robbie Mukherjee, the founder of MUK A G's Asian pies and catering company based in Gloucester, takes pride in his family recipes and knowledge of traditional Indian cuisine that has been passed down through the generations.

With a passion for Asian cooking, combined with a love for baking, Robbie decided to combine two of the nation‘s favourites, curry and pie. The pies are both available locally and nationally through their catering business.

He has been able to grow his catering business using the iVario and iCombi Rational equipment, and now produces up to 500 pies a day. Watch the video on Rational TV here.

Mukherjee commented: "I would say to anyone that's thinking of purchasing the iVario that if you're unsure, take the trial, see how you get on with it. It's very simple process, we had the support from a Rational representative, who assisted me with the cooking and gave me some great training.

“All of our recipes are programmed in there ready to go, that's a massive plus for me. But also all of the other things you can do on it, like boil, fry, deep fry, steam. With regards to getting food out on time, the iVario is quick, it's easy to clean and we can produce big batches, up to 17 litres. He concludes, When it comes to cooking, the iVario is a real game changer for me."