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12th April 2024

Panasonic unveils new professional kitchen brand identity

Written by: Edward Waddell
Manufacturer of professional microwave ovens and rapid cook technology Panasonic UK has unveiled the re-branding of its professional cooking division, to Panasonic Professional Kitchen.

Inspired by Japanese culture Panasonic Professional Kitchen features the motif ‘食’, the Japanese kanji character meaning ‘Eat’. The new identity brings the brand's cultural heritage to the fore.

This highlights Panasonic’s cultural and professional connection to the kitchen, highlighting their commitment to quality, high performance and culinary excellence to every professional kitchen.

Alessandra de-Guia, Panasonic brand communications, said: “For more than half a century Panasonic has been a pioneer in microwave cooking. The Panasonic Professional Kitchen identity is about bringing to life the culinary values of the whole portfolio, not just our microwaves, as well as encouraging everyone across the channel to re-evaluate what they already know about Panasonic and highlighting aspects they weren’t aware of.

“Panasonic has been committed to delivering the best products that make people smile and make life just a little easier. Whatever happens in the kitchen – and whatever equipment is used – its core function is to facilitate the modest act of eating, and eating well.

“This fundamental hospitality principle binds each element of a busy kitchen together; as such, Panasonic Professional Kitchen binds the team in that kitchen together – whatever they do, using Panasonic will help them to simply and effectively deliver this core function.”