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9th September 2021

Meiko partners with Footprint Intelligence to create waste report

Written by: Edward Waddell
The report titled ‘Designed with Waste in Mind’- produced by Meiko and Footprint Intelligence identifies ways to cut and manage waste as sustainably as possible.

According to WRAP research 1.3Bn meals are wasted every year by the UK hospitality and foodservice industries costing around £3.2Bn.  

Paul Anderson, managing director of Meiko UK, said: “Everyone from senior management to chefs and restaurant managers can download this report for free and take away something that will make a difference in their own kitchens.

“Water, energy, waste: people are beginning to move away from acting on price and costs, to think about climate change and how much you could save in services by taking a long-term view, by investing in more sustainable practices and equipment.”

The report authors interviewed key players and collaborated with likeminded professionals to produce a report that puts the waste issue into 2021 perspective and talks about how to go forward.