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28th November 2023

Lucky Boat announces winner of ‘Use Your Noodle’ Challenge

Written by: Edward Waddell
Lucky Boat challenged Sodexo chefs to design, cook and present two ‘innovative’ dishes using its No. 1 Thick Noodles or No. 1 Wholewheat Noodles.

The competition criteria required the chefs’ creations to be suitable across a range of foodservice sectors and that one dish should be plant-based and the other based on Asian cuisine. At least one of the dishes had to be served hot, allowing chefs to showcase their kitchen skills, recipe creativity and dish presentation.

Organised by David Mulcahy, food development & innovation director at Sodexo Schools & Universities UK, three finalists were selected to compete at this year’s Sodexo Schools & Universities Mini Salon Culinaire to produce two inventive recipes in a 45 minute timeframe.

The challenge aimed to highlight the benefits and qualities of Lucky Boat’s premium noodles whilst exhibiting the competitors aptitude for menu content, portion sizing, balance of the dishes and timely delivery.

Ben Tingley, sous chef at LVS Ascot, was crowned the winner after he wowed the judges with his Char Siu Tempeh and Yuzu Pork Fillet, Cured Yolk Ramen with Watermelon Hot Sauce.

The other two finalists were chef de partie at Wellington College Laurence Andrews and apprentice chef at Leicester Grammar School Shamus Young.

Mulcahy commented: “I am delighted with the quality of dishes produced by Sodexo chefs from the Schools & Universities segment during Lucky Boat’s ‘Use Your Noodle’ challenge.

“The competition showcased two varieties from the range of Lucky Boat noodles used in creative and innovative ways, both savoury and sweet, and I know these dishes will prove extremely popular with our students in the coming months. Special thanks to Lucky Boat for their generous support, we look forward to growing this challenge in the future.”

Tingley was awarded with dinner to the value of £200 at Master Wei, an authentic Chinese restaurant featuring hand pulled noodles and specialising Xi’an food. All three finalists were presented with a Santoku Japanese cooks knife, plus a case of each of the Lucky Boat noodle range and a selection of Asian sauces and ingredients.

Greta Strolyte, brand manager at Lucky Boat, added: “Their level of skill and creativity really highlighted the versatility of the noodles, all dishes were impressive, and it was a hard choice to pick a winner. Our thanks go to Sodexo for facilitating this successful event and congratulations to Ben Tingley the worthy winner.”