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11th January 2022

Jellybean unveils report for brands targeting chefs

Written by: Edward Waddell
Food agency Jellybean has kicked-off 2022 with the launch of their ‘Chefs & Brands Report’, shining a light on how foodservice brands can best connect with chefs.

Based on independent insight with 300 UK chefs across the industry, the report includes key insights including where chefs look for menu inspiration, what content they prefer, how they have been introduced to brands and what ‘drives them mad’ about brand marketing.

Susan Bolam, jellybean managing director, said: “From content preferences to bugbears, we’ve lifted the lid on what makes chefs tick, and the associated dos and don’ts  when it comes to marketing to chefs.

“For more than 30 years jellybean has been passionate about supporting hospitality suppliers and ensuring that their chef comms – and budgets – are focused and effective – we hope our latest report provides food for thought when it comes to 2022 brand planning.”

The Chefs and Brands report is available now from: