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8th June 2021

Institute of Hospitality supports Universal Cookery and Food Festival

Written by: Edward Waddell
The Institute of Hospitality (IoH) has announced that it will be an official supporter of the Universal Cookery and Food Festival (UCFF) 2021, which will take place on Tuesday 14 September at Mudwalls Farm in Warwickshire.

In backing the annual food festival dubbed the ‘Glastonbury for chefs’ the IoH has joined the Craft Guild of Chefs, Hospitality Action and CEDA as supporters of the event. Festival attendees will be able to meet the IoH team and hear about the institute’s work.

Sarah Peters MIH, head of commercial development at the Institute of Hospitality, said: “It’s with great pleasure that the Institute of Hospitality supports the Universal Cookery and Food Festival 2021.

“It’s not often we get the chance to meet farmers, top chefs and food ambassadors in one go. Working together to support the various sectors and business areas of hospitality is vital for the industry’s success, and cooperation is the way forward.”

The annual festival links chefs from all sectors of the food industry with the agricultural world.

Lee Maycock, UCFF co-founder, added: "It’s really unique to get all the culinary and hospitality associations together, and particularly important after what our industry has suffered in the last year.

“Working with the Institute of Hospitality in particular allows us to bridge the gap between back of house and front of house. One vision, one voice.”