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22nd March 2024

Hospitality mental health tool launched to investigate wellbeing of workforce

Written by: Edward Waddell
A mental health assessment tool has been launched to help hospitality employers identify what is impacting the wellbeing of their workforce the most.

Work-related stress and burnout are costing the UK economy £28bn a year and resulting in 23.3 million sick days a year. Research found one in five workers (20%) needed to take time off due to poor mental health caused by pressure or stress during the past year.

Colin Minto, ex vice president of talent optimisation at Marriott International, has designed an assessment tool to help employers identify which of the 15 drivers of human comfort and distress are having the biggest impact on their workforce.

The 15 Drivers of Human Comfort and Distress Assessment is a three-to-four-minute online survey, with a slider bar for users to confirm how comfortable they are against 15 drivers, where 0% is least comfortable and 100% is most comfortable. 

If the assessment is taken across a whole workforce, the aggregate data demonstrates how many people across the organisation are burnt out and which of the drivers are impacting them in order of severity.

This enables the organisation to adjust their Employee Assistance Programme, wellbeing resources and overall wellbeing strategy to focus on the areas that will have a demonstrable positive impact on their workers.

Colin Minto, founder of Do it Differently the platform through which he is providing the assessment and service, said: “Those that invest in the wellbeing and engagement of their workforce will attract, retain, and benefit from the best talent available. Help your people fall in love with your organisation and they will help your guests do the same.

“An optimised workforce drives revenue, profit, customer satisfaction, intent to recommend, and employee retention, referral and attraction. And with the impact of the pandemic and the global cost of living crisis still prevalent, those with the most engaged workforces are differentiating themselves and accelerating their own growth.”