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27th February 2024

The Felix Project launches Restaurants Feed London campaign to fight hunger

Written by: Edward Waddell
London’s largest food rescue charity The Felix Project has launched its Restaurant Feed London campaign, which calls on restaurants across the capital to add an optional £1 donation to customers’ bills to help distribute food to Londoners most in need.

According to research as many as 1.2 million adults in London are living in food insecurity, with the cost-of-living in the city rising by 24% over the past three years. Around 100,000 families have less than £3 a day to spend on food.

The research also found that 40% of London’s children have experienced food insecurity in the last month, compared to a national average of 29%.

Starting on World Hunger Day on 28th May and running for nine weeks, participating restaurants will include an optional £1 donation on bills to help fund the distribution of high-quality, nutritious food to over 1,000 community organisations and 170 schools.

Emma Burns, corporate partnership manager at The Felix Project, said: “Last year this campaign enabled us to provide over 90,000 meals to the people of London who would’ve otherwise gone hungry. In 2024, we are hoping to provide over 250,000 meals during this campaign and need as many of London’s restaurants to help us to do this.

“One in four working London parents struggle to afford to feed their families, and with over 600 organisations on our waiting list to receive food we need more support than ever before. Together, we will win the war on hunger and waste in our city.”

For every £100 collected it will provide 290 meals for Londoners. This year’s fundraising will build on the success of last year’s inaugural campaign which provided 91,000 meals across the city.

To sign up to the campaign, please email Emma Burns: [email protected].