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14th December 2021

Eastleigh College achieves Craft Guild of Chefs accreditation

Written by: Edward Waddell
The Craft Guild of Chefs has announced that Eastleigh College has become the first college in the South of England to pass all the standards required to receive accreditation.

To achieve the accreditation lecturers and students at Eastleigh College were interviewed in addition to skills training sessions being observed to ensure they met the high standards required by the Craft Guild of Chefs to pass.

The accreditation also included an assessment of the East Avenue Restaurant at Eastleigh College and this was conducted by David McKown who chairs the Education and Training Committee at the Craft Guild of Chefs.

Greg Cheeseman, lecturer at Eastleigh College, commented: “We are thrilled to be awarded the Craft Guild of Chefs College Accreditation, it is a great achievement for our students and staff.

“This cements the hard work our students put into their training, running East Avenue Restaurant and their education, we are delighted to be the first college in the South of England to achieve accreditation.”

As the leading chef association in the UK, The Craft Guild of Chefs has always been committed to increasing the standards of professional cooking through greater awareness, education, and training. It is keen to do more to inspire the next generation of chefs at a grassroots level, which is why it launched the accreditation programme. 

The scheme is aimed at colleges and universities that want to benefit from the association’s decades of experience and to tap into its extensive network of chefs by associating their faculty with the Craft Guild of Chefs name.