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10th June 2024

Craft Guild vice president praises role of lecturers during panel session

Written by: Edward Waddell
Craft Guild of Chefs vice president David Mulcahy has praised the role of lecturers and teachers for inspiring young chefs during at panel discussion at the Toque d’Or winners ceremony.

The panel discussion, which was chaired by Mike Durden-Smith, focussed on future-proofing the talent pipeline and encouraging more young people to come into the hospitality industry.

The session involved Katya Simmons managing director of Nestlé Professional; Kate Nicholls chief executive of UKHospitality; David Mulcahy food & innovation director at Sodexo; Claire Bosi editor of Chef Publishing and Krishnan Doyle managing director of Core Recruitment.

Mulcahy said hospitality is an ‘amazing industry’ as it can take people in numerous directions. He added: “I think the one group of people in this room who always deserve a massive amount of credit is the lecturers and teachers. They really harness those young people, find that talent and unpick it and put them on their journey.”