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chef jacket appeal face masks
23rd April 2020

Chefs respond to appeal for jackets to make virus masks

Written by: David Foad
Chefs across the UK have been praised for their ‘brilliant’ response to an appeal by the Culinary Association of Wales (CAW) for surplus chef jackets which can be made into masks and other items for care workers to use to reduce exposure to coronavirus.

Arwyn Watkins, CAW president, launched the appeal on social media to co-ordinate what he called ‘a practical response from chefs to the pandemic’. He says that demand for the jackets is already far outstripping supply.

“Chefs jackets are the perfect material to be made into masks, scrubs bags, headbands and caps for front line staff in care homes and working in the community,” he said.

“We have jackets coming in from across the UK and many are brand new, made for competitions that are unable to be held because of the lockdown. Demand for jackets is far outstripping supply.

“Some chefs who work in colleges are very frustrated because they want to support the appeal, but their surplus jackets are locked away in places they are unable to access. The response has been brilliant.

“The jackets are made from material that’s ideal because its workwear that withstands a high heat for sterilisation and washing.”

He said he expects more than 200 jackets to be donated to the appeal, which has spread on social media around the globe via the Worldchefs organisation. Several other countries, including Brazil, are now copying the appeal.

If you have any clean, spare chef jackets and want to contribute, then send them to: Trailhead Fine Foods, Unit 13 Severn Farm Enterprise Park, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 7DF, where they will are collected and distributed to people who convert them into valuable items for front line staff.