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14th May 2024

Chefs named among UK’s most popular careers in 2024

Written by: Edward Waddell
A study conducted by London Office Space has unveiled the most popular careers in the UK so far this year, with chefs coming in eighth place.

The research considered the monthly Google searches made for job positions across various sectors nationwide and their availability in the employment market, as per the number of open job listings on Glassdoor. The study provides insights into the career paths that are in high demand among job seekers, and therefore may prove the most competitive for applicants. 

A spokesperson said: “Chefs, with a Google search volume of 1,725.83, are highly sought after in the evergreen culinary industry, ideal for creative individuals passionate about culinary arts and gastronomy.  

“With the highest number of analysed job openings at 708 on Glassdoor, this career path offers vast opportunities, especially in hospitality and private dining. This will be especially good news for fans of the Disney+ series The Bear.”