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11th April 2024

Bidfood unveils four ‘mouth-watering’ recipes for chefs to use

Written by: Edward Waddell
Foodservice wholesaler Bidfood, who supplies fresh, frozen, ambient food and catering essentials, has unveiled four ‘mouth-watering’ recipes that chefs can whip up in under ten minutes.

The four recipes include:

  • Mediterranean orzo pasta: A refreshing dish, made with orzo pasta, black olives, feta cheese and a tangy tomato base dressing.
  • Folded breakfast naan: A folded breakfast naan, this fusion dish offers a portable, flavourful meal that combines the convenience of a sandwich with unique flavours of Indian cuisine.
  • Couscous and goats cheese salad: A dish composed of fluffy cous cous, creamy goat’s cheese and fresh rocket, herbs and a tangy dressing. 
  • Crispy maple Barbecue wings: A super simple and delectable dish featuring crispy chicken wings, coated in a sweet and tangy maple barbecue sauce.

A spokesperson for Bidfood said: “Chefs in all sectors of our industry are facing tough challenges today when it comes to time and skill in kitchens.

“As a wholesale supplier we’re able to support our customers by providing a range of products and recipes to help with these issues. Below are some of our ten minutes and under simple serve recipes created by our development chefs.”