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Futura Foods

Futura Foods

Rhian Kinman
07823 681004

Futura Foods – Your Mediterranean Dairy Specialists

Futura Foods are the UK’s Mediterranean dairy specialists, supplying premium and innovative products for over 30 years.

We offer authentic cheese and dairy products from carefully selected partner dairies in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and France, and manufacture added value cheese solutions at our sites in Denmark, Austria, and Romania. We supply Food Manufacture, Foodservice and Retail channels as market leaders and are one of the largest suppliers of Mediterranean dairy products in the UK & Ireland.

Our Products

We supply a comprehensive range of authentic products including Feta & Greek Yogurt from Greece, Halloumi from Cyprus, and Italian cheeses, including Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella and burrata. Authenticity and provenance are very important to us, we pride ourselves in being able to provide PDO products as well as those made to specific standards, recipes and with specific ingredients where necessary.

We are ambitious, passionate, and focussed on supporting our customers with innovation, quality, expertise and superb customer service. Our wide range of cheeses and dairy products are available in convenient format options for our customers including, blocks, slices, diced, crumbs and IQF options.


YAMAS! is our authentic Greek and Cypriot brand that brings that excitement of the Mediterranean to the UK. The range is a celebration of authenticity, natural ingredients, and great taste from our network of carefully selected partner dairies across Greece and Cyprus.

YAMAS! Greek Feta

Rich and crumbly, PDO Greek Feta Cheese is made from sheep & goat’s milk. Ideal served fresh, crumbled in a Greek Salad, or baked with seasonal vegetables into a Mediterranean warming winter dish.

YAMAS! Halloumi

Halloumi PDO is a traditional Cypriot cheese that is known for its enticingly squeaky texture and is made on from a blend of cow, sheep & goat’s milk. Grill, fry, or BBQ, Halloumi is incredibly on-trend with its ‘heat and eat’ qualities, high in protein, and a firm favourite to serve as a vegetarian alternative to meat. YAMAS! Halloumi comes in a wide range of formats and sizes for ease of use.

YAMAS! Halloumi Fries

Leading this on-trend product development, YAMAS! Halloumi fries are ready to go. Deep fry from frozen in a few minutes for a lovely caramelised exterior and a distinctively squeaky centre. A perfect vegetarian addition to menus. YAMAS! Halloumi fries are available in coated and uncoated formats.

YAMAS! Greek Yogurt

Creamy and rich, Authentic Greek Yogurt is a natural source of protein. The delicious taste is perfect when paired with fresh fruit and honey or ideal for using in savoury Mediterranean inspired dips or marinades.

YAMAS! Grilling Cheese

YAMAS! Mediterranean Grilling Cheese is available in a chilli flavoured & 30% reduced fat variants. They are made in Greece from Cow’s milk and deliver all the versatility of Halloumi with an additional dimension! Grill, fry, or BBQ, it’s a great vegetarian alternative to meat.

YAMAS! Greek Salad Cheese

Extra Crumbly Greek Salad Cheese & 50% Reduced Fat Salad Cheese variants are made in Greece from Cow’s milk, with Sheep & goat’s cream and offer an alternative to Feta. They can be served fresh in salads and with bread or served hot.