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11th October 2023

Research highlights Gen Z find ketchup & brown sauce outdated

Written by: Edward Waddell
Researchers surveyed the nation around their favourite dips, sauces and condiments - and revealed almost a third (33%) of under 26-year-olds feel ketchup is out-dated, while brown sauce (29%) and English mustard (21%) are also seen as a thing of the past.

Instead, Gen Z prefer using soy sauce (48%), sriracha (45%) and wasabi (17%) on their food. The survey also saw a rise in popularity of fermented condiments, like kimchi (17%) and sauerkraut (8%), which are lower in sugar and contain probiotics. 

Overall, 57% of the young Brits surveyed said they preferred healthier sauces than ones that are full of sugar, preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable fats, with 49% avoiding certain condiments because of their lack of nutritional value.

A spicy 77% of the youngsters surveyed said they prefer hotter sauces, while 23% felt there were so many condiments to try now so ketchup is no longer needed. Overall 77% of everyone surveyed enjoy a condiment with every meal.

Founder of Vadasz, Nick Vadasz, commented: “With the average bottle of ketchup containing 78 grams of sugar, it’s no real surprise that we are seeing a trend in younger people turning their back on unhealthier sauces and condiments - and a surge in popularity of super condiments that are packed with natural ingredients, and rich in probiotics; great for the gut health and for immunity.”​​​​​