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25th March 2024

Rational introduces cooking system search assistant

Written by: Edward Waddell
The iCombi Pro and iVario Pro cooking systems now include a search assistant. The free software update makes it fast and easy for users to find the applications they require.

Rational, the global market leader in hot food preparation, has taken user-friendliness ‘to a new level’.

Graham Kille, director product management at Rational UK, said: "In a busy kitchen, unplanned situations always arise. As a result, the employee does not immediately find the right cooking path and this where the new search function can be used.

 “The new search assistant works in a similar way to a search engine on the internet. Just tap the magnifying glass on the panel display and type in a keyword. Just type a few letters and the search assistant immediately returns results from iCookingSuite cooking paths, usage examples include programs and settings.

“To make things even faster next time, the search history is automatically displayed. Even when things get hectic, users can find what they need quickly and reliably. This saves time and eliminates unnecessary stress."