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11th August 2023

Panasonic starts professional cooking cashback promotion

Written by: Edward Waddell
Panasonic UK has launched its 2023 professional cooking cashback promotion, which runs from 9th August to 13th October, allowing up to £75 cashback to be redeemed from the purchase of its NE-1853BDQ microwave oven.

To redeem up to £75 cashback and qualify for the promotion, customers need to purchase a new Panasonic NE-1853BDQ microwave oven during the promotional period from a participating UK dealer.

Jared Greenhalgh, European sales manager at Panasonic UK Ltd, commented: “We’ve created our 2023 professional cooking cashback promotion specifically with our customers in mind – helping them out in the tough economic situation we’re all facing.

“The NE-1853BDQ is one of our most popular, best-selling commercial microwaves; and with up to £75 cashback, the offer is a fantastic way of making the purchase of new kitchen equipment more affordable, which is important right now. We hope the promotion helps, in some way, to support today’s operators in easing the financial burdens affecting the UK foodservice and hospitality industries.”