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5th June 2024

MKN creates new multifunctional mixing kettles

Written by: Edward Waddell
MKN has launched a range of new multifunctional mixing kettles for professional kitchens, offering enhanced flexibility to boost capacity, reduce labour time and minimise the cost per meal in busy catering operations.

The new multifunctional mixing kettles deliver consistent food quality irrespective of skill level in the kitchen. Models are available from 80 to 475 litres to suit all requirements.

Suitable for cooking, stirring, mashing and whipping with a wide range of accessories and a cook/chill option, multifunctional mixing kettles make life easier in the kitchen by removing manual processes to free up labour and cooking line capacity.

Wayne Bennett, vice president of sales at MKN, commented: “This is a big development for MKN, giving kitchens the option to deliver mashed potatoes, soups, stews and meat sauces, porridge and puddings, dessert sauces and doughs, all with consistency, simplicity and using less labour time than other processes.

“What’s more, our mixer kettles reach 125°C, unlike most other competitor models which only go to 110°C. This means they can be used for bolognaise, chilli con carne and other meat sauces. They give kitchen staff the ability to do more in less space, and - when combined with our combi steamers and FlexiChef multifunctional appliance - they deliver a complete solution for busy catering operations.”