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26th October 2022

Levy begins regenerative farming initiative

Written by: Edward Waddell
Levy UK & Ireland, the sports and hospitality sector of Compass Group, has announced plans to sponsor an ‘innovative’ demonstrator farm that will help educate chefs and farmers on sustainable practices.

This project will enable Levy UK & I to grow its own produce, which will be served at its partner venues across the UK.   

Jon Davies, managing director at Levy UK+I, commented: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, so it’s important for us to safeguard the future of farming. For us, this centres around eco-friendly practices and partnerships that promote local, plant-based produce.  

“Through investment in regenerative agriculture, it is our hope that we will be able to foster a closer working relationship between farmers and chefs, who will work in partnership to provide outstanding quality, sustainable produce to visitors at our partner venues. Levy UK+I will continue to implement and advocate for sustainable initiatives to ensure that we remain an agent of change at the forefront of the food industry.”

Launched in collaboration with Quorn Professionals, Yorkshire Water and RegenFarmCo, the Biohub at Ings Farm is a 92-acre plot which will be developed into a biological platform of social and ecological activity.

RegenFarmCo will work closely with Levy and Compass culinary teams and their wider supply chain to develop sustainable crops which will be incorporated into future menus.  

Dr Vincent Walsh, head of farm innovation at RegenFarmCo, added: “Whether addressing the climate crisis, improving our food security or responding to changes in consumer behaviour, the way we manage our land and grow crops needs to change.

"And while innovations in agritech, and new low carbon methods of cultivation are incredibly important, it’s projects like the Biohub which will help ensure the farm to fork journey becomes genuinely sustainable.”