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16th January 2023

Craft Guild of Chefs launches wellbeing event programme

Written by: Edward Waddell
The Craft Guild of Chefs has launched a wellbeing programme for 2023 which is made up of a series of four dedicated wellbeing events.

The first wellbeing event will be held on Thursday 16th February at Extract Coffee in London, and it focuses on Food and Mood. The wellbeing event aims to help build resilience and will focus on building a constructive mindsight for good mental health.

The event will be hosted by wellness coach and chef Shane Cooke, who is experienced in working with chefs across a wide range of wellbeing topics including positive mindset, energy, meditative states, and mindfulness.  

The Craft Guild of Chefs wellness committee will provide delicious and nutritious seasonal food at the event. Attendees already signed up include guests from the University of West London, Institute of Hospitality, Kelly’s Cause and Beyond Food Foundation.

The innovative chef event programme has been devised by the Craft Guild of Chefs wellbeing committee, headed up by its wellness ambassador Andy Aston.

He said: “Our ambition is to help as many chefs as possible develop the mental strength and tools they need to thrive and meet the challenges of today and these wellbeing events are a great way for chefs to connect and learn.”

Three more events are planned for 2023 on 13th April, 13th July and 12th October. The events are open to members of the Craft Guild of Chefs free of charge. To register your attendance please email Andy Aston on [email protected]