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20th March 2023

Contract caterer BM appoints Delphis Eco as approved supplier

Written by: Edward Waddell
Eco-cleaning chemical brand Delphis Eco has announced that it has been officially appointed as an approved supplier for BM.

Delphis Eco has a long-standing relationship with BM having worked with team for nearly a decade supplying cleaning products for its catering business. BM was the first contract caterer to achieve certification by Planet Mark on measuring and reducing its carbon footprint.  

Lin Dickens marketing director at Delphis Eco, said: “Sustainability and ethics underpin everything we do, and we know it’s the same at Delphis Eco. Delphis’ products come packed in 100% recycled plastic casing, so this is about being kind to the environment in many different ways. We wash over 100,000 pieces of crockery every single day, which is a lot of crockery, It needs to be scrupulously clean, and our customers expect nothing less.

“We have a mantra that ‘what gets measured gets done’ and we value products that are proven to be non-harmful to our planet, yet able to deliver the heavy lifting that we need within our catering business. Delphis Eco products do just that.”