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Martin McHugh
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Our Mission

FlavOil is a brand of High Oleic Sunflower oil produced by Akarya, a UK independent. The goal of our company is simply to provide the professional chef and home kitchen user the very best quality cooking oils. We are introducing High Oleic oils that are ideal for the home and professional kitchen. Oils that perform better, taste better, are better for your health, reduce waste and are better for the planet.

FlavOil oils are better in every way

FlavOil has led the way in improving fried food in Europe and the Middle East. We have worked with major airlines, hotels, restaurants, and Quick Service Operations to improve the health and wellbeing of their customers.

Our Products

Refined High Oleic Sunflower Cooking OIl 15 Litre: Available in an eco-friendly bag-in-box suitable for all staff to use. 15 Litre with a polythene interior bladder – replacing 2 heavy duty plastic flagons. Fold flat for recycling.

Refined High Oleic Sunflower Cooking OIl 20 Litre Jerrycan: Favoured where exterior storage is necessary

Refined High Oleic Sunflower Cooking OIl 1, 3 and 5 Litre: A variety of sizes to suit the small caterer and home cook.

‘This is the best oil I have used in 30 years of frying’


What is High Oleic Oil?

High Oleic Oils are a new type of oil. It is so called because it is high in Oleic Acid, a fatty acid, also called omega 9 fat. It is a monounsaturated fat similar to that produced by the human body. It is a good fat (hence it is produced by the liver) and is used to make human body cell walls and components.

Regular fats tend to be solid fats that are mainly saturated fats such as butter, lard or Palm Oil. Or liquid fats such as Rapeseed and vegetable oils that have a mix of fats, usually a significant amount of Omega 6 (largely Linoleic Acid) - this is called an ‘essential fat’ because the body needs it but cannot make it and so it must be eaten. Unfortunately, the body needs a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 but we consume far too much Omega 6. Too much of the wrong fats can cause inflammation of cells, a precursor to many illnesses.

For the chef:

  • Flavoil improves crispness
  • Less oil is absorbed
  • Ingredients taste better
  • Dishes are healthier
  • Less oil is used and less oil is thrown away
  • Oil is more heat stable
  • Oil is safe
  • No oily odour
  • Can be filtered cold
  • Quicker turnaround

‘In Live tests, high oleic oil has outlasted every type of cooking oil, even solid palm’

Other Products

500ml Cold Pressed Organic High Oleic Salad Oil: A unique and tasty healthy alternative to Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500ml Refined High Oleic Organic frying Oil: A safer way to fry an organic oil

Egg-Free High Oleic Mayo: A fantastic alternative to regular mayonnaise

VIDEO Chef Uwe in Dubai



Sunflower plants are highly sustainable. They are a regenerative crop self-fertilising and requiring moderate water. They are resistant to pests and do not require neonicotinoid insecticides (ie they are bee friendly), they do not require nitrogenous fertiliser (which gives off heavy greenhouse gasses). Once the cooking oil is used, it can be reused for transport as biofuel – reducing the need for fossil fuel in road transport. It is a very climate friendly option.