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4th August 2020

Winterhalter unveils the six sins of dishwashing

Written by: Edward Waddell
Commercial dishwasher specialist Winterhalter has revealed the most common mistakes that kitchen staff make when using dishwashers and glass washers.

Kieran Lynch, managing director of Winterhalter’s service division, said: “It underlines the importance of training. Human error is still the most common reason for service call outs. 

“Kitchen staff need to understand that when an appliance is showing an error code, it needs to be acted on right away to avoid damage and, more importantly, to maintain hygienic wash results.”

Six sins of dishwashing:

  1. Not pre-rinsing plates or glasses and not cleaning filters. Not doing this can causes blockages or even damage the machine.
  2. Opening the door/hood too early. Sometimes staff can open the door or hood before the wash is complete to save time but this could result in detergent still remaining on glasses.
  3. A badly loaded rack can block a wash arm. If there are any blockages the wash arm won’t rotate properly and this can cause poor results.
  4. Running out of salt. If the water softener system runs out of salt and the machine is using untreated hard water then not only will results be poor but also scale will build up and damage the machine. 
  5. Running out of detergent. This results in items that aren’t washed properly of hygienically- which is a serious food safety issue.  
  6. The filter cylinder is missing. Operating the machine without this filter can lead to damage as there is nothing to stop forks, spoons or other debris getting into the wash pump.