Three scholarships up for grabs on UK’s only Chinese Catering Diploma

Lu Ban chefs
05/02/2019 - 06:00
To celebrate Chinese New Year, Crawley College is offering three chefs the chance to win a free scholarship on the UK's only Chinese Culinary Arts Diploma (Lu Ban) to “enhance” their career.

Open to chefs with a L2 Diploma or at least two years’ experience in a commercial kitchen, the Level 3 Diploma hopes to increase the number of “skilled” Chinese chefs in the UK and avoid a staff shortage.

As the world's first UK-regulated qualification outside of China, the Chinese Culinary Arts Diploma is based on the Chinese culinary skills standard and delivered by Crawley College.

It launched last year (2018) with backing from Tianjin School of Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine Association, Tianjin Cuisine Association, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and the Tianjin Food Group.

Those interested need to submit their application online as soon as possible, as they will be enrolled on the course at the end of February while continuing in the current job.

More information is available here:

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