Synergy Grill undergoes rebrand

20/03/2019 - 06:00
Equipment manufacturer Synergy Grill is rebranding to ‘Synergy Grill Technology,’ to place greater emphasis on its multi-patented technology.

Used in all of the company’s grills, its patented technology atomises fat produced during grilling process and turns moisture from the food into steam, which then penetrates back into the food.

The rebrand will also include a brand new logo, which will feature on all of Synergy’s future grills as well as those that use Synergy Grill Technology, such as the Lincat Opus 800 series.

Chairman and chief executive, Justin Cadbury, said: “The technology behind Synergy Grill is what sets it aside from our competitors and it was therefore important that this was reflected within our visual identity. 

“The new branding serves to communicate the message that Synergy Grill is so much more than just a grill manufacturer, but also a provider of green grilling technology.”

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