Red Tractor strengthens farm standards

06/07/2017 - 15:50
Farmers and growers who are part of the Red Tractor Assurance scheme will be receiving a new set of farm standards this month ready for implementation from October.

Every three years standards against which farmers are assessed are reviewed to ensure they match up to what consumers want and expect from the £13bn of product that carries the logo.

The new guidelines particularly focus on the use of antibiotic and the association’s fresh produce scheme, as these were the areas of most concern. Philippa Wiltshire, industry and regulatory affairs manager commented: “We have strengthened standards which have been identified as key areas of reputational risk and addressed industry concerns to keep our members ahead of the game.”

As such, Red Tractor has increased standards regarding the use of antibiotic across all livestock, to ensure producers meet the advice of RUMA, the alliance for Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture. Significant changes have also been made to the fresh produce scheme, which aims to eliminate the number of UK producers who fall victim to the same food safety scares that have devastated many European horticultural businesses.

Wiltshire also said: “The Red Tractor logo has to continue to stand for something that consumers believe in if it is to retain its ability to positively affect buying decisions.

“That’s why we go through this process every three years; to make sure that our members are producing what consumers want.”

For those carrying out a full self-assessment, a checklist is available to view here.

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