Tilda Ltd

Craig Dillon
01708 717777

Renowned and respected by chefs nationwide for its reliable quality and consistency, Tilda rice is a must have ingredient for any professional kitchen.

From paddy to plate Tilda sources and supplies only the best quality rice so you can be sure of a perfect result every time. From Pure Basmati to Thai Jasmine, Arborio to Easy Cook Long Grain, dry or frozen you will find Tilda’s heritage and passion for quality and consistency in every grain.

Don’t just take our word for it, Steve Munkley, Executive Chef at the Royal Garden Hotel, says, "Tilda Rice is one of the few ingredients I absolutely insist on having in the kitchen. I can always trust Tilda to deliver perfect results every time we cook it."

What’s more, visit the website at www.tildafoodservice.com and you will find an abundance of delicious easy-to-cook recipes, to get you inspired and help you make the most of using rice on your menu.

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