Bidfood is a leading foodservice distributor and the preferred partner for over 60,000 customers over the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide anything from a teaspoon to a complete catering solution to customers of all sizes, utilising our national structure and the combined expertise of our employees. We provide every food option from quality ingredients to finished meals, including a number of own brand ranges as well as all the big brands and regional specialities.

We believe that it is important to keep in touch with our customers in order to understand their needs. Quality and value for money are important to our customers, we listened to this need and we have recently improved our own brand offer. To make sure our own brand products look and taste great, we blind taste everything against the competition. If it isn't good enough, then it doesn't make it into our own brand. As part of our business partnership with the Craft Guild of Chef’s we are excited to be working with them on endorsement of some of our new own brand innovation, to further show our customers how great our own brand quality is when used by real chefs. This is just the beginning, we look forward to what the future might bring in working with the Craft Guild of Chef’s.

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