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Producing over 300 products and driven by the latest trends, AAK Foodservice provides chefs with a wide, versatile portfolio of innovative cooking solutions, from high quality cooking and speciality oils to Mediterranean ingredients and a range of authentic sauces.

It is committed to supporting chefs at every level, from Michelin-starred restaurant chefs to fast food operators.

Prep – The number one brand of high performance, extended and long life oils, offering the perfect solution to all frying requirements with help and advice on getting the most from your frying oil at the Prep Oils online shop.

Prep Premium – An exquisite range of specialty oils and vinegars. Our Infused oils are created using a unique infusion process combining premium quality olive and sunflower oil with real, fresh ingredients, incorporating everything from basil, chilli, garlic and lemon. This range also includes balsamic vinegars and glazes, as well as toasted sesame oil and groundnut oil.

Brimming with innovation, the speciality oils range is now also available as a striking salad bar concept, while chefs can now buy new Prep Premium Cooking Spray, the way to cook with the top oil brand with no mess and no hassle for that extra level of distinction.

Lion – Quality range of condiments and dressings through to thick, hot sauces and mayonnaise. Incorporating flavours from around the globe, the range delivers a wide range of specialised food solutions that add authenticity and tradition to a menu.

Whirl – The revolutionary, number one alternative to butter, as used by The Lewis Partnership’s Michelin-starred Orangery restaurant, is specially developed for foodservice.

It works in the same way as vegetable oil, but still has that much desired, rich buttery taste without the hassle of butter. It is also more cost-effective and healthier than butter, containing virtually zero trans-fat and is lower in saturates for today’s more health-conscious consumer.

Season Valley – Sauces ideal for the fast food market, these accompaniments offer a wide variety of flavours as well as value for money from a trusted foodservice brand.

FontOliva – Authentic olive and extra virgin olive oils which have been produced with the finest varieties of Spanish olives.

Please visit our websites: www.prepoils.co.uk / www.giveitawhirl.co.uk / www.lionsauces.co.uk

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