New members

New members
17/04/2013 17:01:00
Adande Refrigeration is Membership Sponsor for 2012/2013

We are proud to support the aims and objectives of the Craft Guild of Chefs, chiefly, the development of higher standards through training, the advancement of the art of cookery and the science of food, and raising the profile of professional chefs.

Every time a chef buys an Adande product, we will promote the Guild (if not already a member) and offer to sponsor membership for one year. Sales of Adande units have grown four-fold over the last three years and continue to grow quickly – so there will be no shortage of potential new members!

Adande has teamed up with the Craft Guild to help spread the word about our new and innovative refrigeration technology, based on the unique insulated drawers. They are revolutionising the kitchen – much like combis did when first introduced – and if you don’t know how Adande could improve your cooking or presentation or stock control, then please take a look at our profile in the Business Partners section of the Craft Guild website, or visit

Marc Wilkinson

“First to join courtesy of Adande is Marc Wilkinson: “I am taking on new staff and I would like to get them involved in further training or competition work, as part of their development.

Lawrence Keogh

Lawrence Keogh heads up The Wolseley. “I would like to be part of the CGOC as I have many colleagues who are part of the Guild and I believe that it is a great network for inspiring up and coming chefs.”

Gerard Virolle

Gerard Virolle heads up the brigade at Michelin-starred Gauthier, in London’s Soho. “The Guild is a great way to stay up to date and know what is going on in the industry.”

Leigh Morris

Leigh Morris is Head Chef at The Coach House, Potton, Bedfordshire. “It is a great opportunity to get involved with competition and demo work, something that I have missed over the past two years. It is also a forum for keeping up to date with current trends.”

Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh is Executive Chef at 28°-50° in London. The Guild offers: “…an insight into what is going on. It would be great to be involved in the demos and get some of the younger staff involved in competitions.”

Adrian Court

Adrian Court, The Muddy Duck, Hethe, nr Bicester: “One word – networking – being connected to like-minded chefs and sharing feedback, development and getting involved more.”

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