Hygiene brand Tork partners with food stylist Linda Lundgren

15/06/2017 - 14:42
Hospitality industry hygiene brand Tork has partnered with Swedish food stylist and chef Linda Lundgren to provide a brochure on how to pair coloured napkins with food.

The partnership comes as Tork launches four new colours, aqua blue, coral pink, mustard yellow and anthracite grey, to its LinStyle range.

Lundgren said: “How do you make a strawberry mousse sweeter and richer-tasting? The answer isn’t more strawberries and sugar.

“Instead, try serving the dish with a coral pink napkin. The colour actually increases sweetness and decreases bitterness, making it perfect for desserts.”

The introduction of the new napkins will mean the range will include 16 colours.

Julia Wood, senior product manager at Tork, said: “Restaurant operators need to provide the very best experience for customers - from food and service to tableware and tidiness, it’s all essential if operators want to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.”

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