Fruit & vegetable specialist Natoora launches app for chefs

01/08/2017 - 10:33
The fruit and vegetable specialist company Natoora has launched a new app for chefs - providing real-time seasonal news and allowing them to order produce through the app.

Unlike the weekly market report, which is often out-of-date by the time it reaches chefs, the app will offer a constant update of real-time seasonal information by sharing news straight from the field to a live feed.

Natoora chief executive, Franco Fubini said: “Our new app delivers an unprecedented level and frequency of information. For the first time ever, chefs will have access to a depth of product information which allows them to react daily to changes in product quality, provenance or adverse weather effects.”

The stream of updates will highlight changes in flavour, sizing, origin, weather and availability of fruit & vegetables - all critical factors when maintaining a seasonal menu.

Frenchie head chef Daniele Codini said: “Using the app lets us work with nature. It allows us to respond quickly to sudden shifts in fruit & vegetables and take advantage of things like heightened sweetness or very short seasons - something you would miss if you blinked."

The Natoora app will also include a features page, offering more in-depth reading on the brand’s produce as well as topical issues such as how things like soil, seed selection and grower heritage impact the final fruit or vegetable harvested.

Through the app, chefs will also be able to:

  • Browse and shop according to the seasonal stage a particular product is in - early, peak or late
  • View the origin and growing methods for each product (organic, minimum intervention, intensive)
  • Order directly through the news and features pages
  • Re-order through the past orders page
  • The whole team can contribute to the same basket by granting everyone access to the app

The app is currently under limited release, with plans to roll out to all customers in the coming months. Access to content and ordering will be free for active Natoora wholesale customers.

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