First Sponsors for 2014 Workshops Announced

23/01/2014 12:01
The first sponsors for the 2014 Craft Guild of Chefs’ Family Food Appreciation workshops in conjunction with LACA have been announced.

Welcoming back Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio, Premier, Marks and Spencer and Reynolds, which all supported last year’s scheme, organisers are pleased to have secured the backing of the Country Range Group, Nisbets, Cheeky Cow, Major International, Educatering Magazine, Worshipful Company of Cooks and Quality British Turkey – the UK’s leading authority on one of the most versatile meats, for the next year of workshops.

As well as financial input, sponsors of the Family Food Appreciation workshops must bring ‘real’ benefits to the pioneering scheme, now in its second year with LACA as official partner.

For instance, Uncle Ben’s is set to supply the workshops with quick-to-cook rice as a healthy staple, whilst Reynolds will provide seasonal fruit and veg for an educational market stall.

Quality British Turkey, in association with the coveted Red Tractor seal of approval, will bring to the table the best examples of one of the most lean, protein-rich meats around and an often under-exploited, key ingredient that is also cost effective for schools.

While the long term plan is to secure structured funding for the Family Food Appreciation workshops, the programme is currently reliant on private sponsorship, with companies and organisations involved also helping to support and drive the activity.

The workshops themselves see professional chefs going into UK schools to teach children and parents cooking skills together, the idea being to develop a family bond through food knowledge and preparing food that is time saving, cost effective and nutritionally balanced.

On top of this, the workshops show just how much fun can be had from cooking together, while providing those taking part with an insight into the catering industry.

The other objective is to combat the fact that two or three generations now have not been educated in diet health and general life skills, while helping to bring obesity under control.

The workshops also look at ways to reduce waste, from demonstrating how to use leftover bread to what you can cook and then freeze to improve shelf life and eating quality.

For more information on sponsoring this year’s Family Food Appreciation workshops, which start in January 2014, email

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