Essential Cuisine makes all products gluten-free

25/02/2019 - 09:41
Essential Cuisine, the stocks and sauces manufacturer, has announced that its entire range of products is now gluten free.

With over 50 items, including gravies, jus and ready-to-use sauces, the company said the decision to remove all gluten content follows “marked growth” in coeliac diners and people choosing a gluten-free lifestyle.

Senior development chef Jonathan Harvey-Barnes commented: “The growth in coeliac diners and those choosing to live a gluten-free lifestyle has exploded in recent years with one in 100 now identifying as coeliac.

“As chefs, (Essential Cuisine) knows that this is a subject that working kitchens take incredibly seriously.

“In a recent survey, almost 89% of chefs said they were taking food intolerances into account when planning menus, and at 94%, gluten was the allergen given the most consideration.

“Kitchens are time pressured places, which is why many turn to high quality pre-made stocks as the base of countless menu items.

“Stocks with no declarable allergens provide much needed consistency and peace of mind for chefs, which is why (Essential Cuisine) has made its range entirely gluten-free.

“It’s one less thing for working kitchens to worry over.

To make the move, the company has also released a gluten-free recipe book

‘Gloriously Gluten-Free,’ which includes it chefs’ “best loved” recipes as well as tips to help chefs give dishes a personal twist.

Harvey-Barnes added: “The new recipe book has been lovingly created to help chefs across all sectors craft great tasting, gluten-free food that absolutely everyone can enjoy.”

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