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Premium collection of freeze dried herbs

The premium collection of freeze dried herbs under the Schwartz for Chef brand from McCormick passed the Guild’s “Fit for Purpose and Quality Assurance” assessment. It says its five varieties of specially selected herbs, freeze dried for a superior strength of flavour and a bright appearance, are the closest alternative to fresh herbs and only a small amount is required to deliver maximum flavour. Tried and tested by Craft Guild chefs, the products give improved visual appearance, better shape and texture than regular dried herbs, and when added to liquids such as soups and sauces they rehydrate instantly.

Commercial director James Millward adds: “We are delighted to have achieved this endorsement as it validates the high quality of our products. For too long there has been a misunderstanding about dried herbs and we are keen to engage with chefs to demonstrate how valuable they can be in any kitchen.” All the company’s herbs and spices are heat treated for microbiological safety, making them safe to use even without cooking, and come with full traceability.

Pritchitts’ Millac dairy whipping cream

Pritchitts’ Millac dairy whipping cream was its fourth product as well to tick all the boxes. When tested the comments included: “the taste is clean and fresh”; “when pouring into hot sauce, it doesn’t separate or compromise the taste”; “having an ambient product to store would free up fridge space and reduce ordering”.

Panasonic NE-1853 Microwave Craft Guild Chefs approved product endorsement
Panasonic NE-1853 Microwave

Panasonic's latest professional microwave, the NE-1853 has become the first microwave to achieve 'approved product' status by the Craft Guild of Chefs under its Product Endorsement Scheme.

The NE01853 boasts 15 power levels offering accuracy and flexibility in cooking and comes with 30 programmes, including 5-stage heating. The microwave also features a power-saving and maintenance-free LED light which can be left off during cooking and set to flash on and off when the program is complete.

A new ‘heat boost’ button to give recipes a final boost to bring a dish up to temperature and a new LCD display to replace the dated LED unit. The new model has dual feed (top and bottom) for even heating and comes with 13amp power supply.

All chefs involved in the testing process agreed that the ability to program the LED light to flash at the end of the cooking cycle was a great idea in a busy, noisy kitchen.

Iain Phillips, sales and marketing manager of Panasonic UK Ltd, said: “We are thrilled to have received this endorsement from the Craft Guild of Chefs but what has been most pleasing about the whole exercise was larning that chefs do recognise that by paying slightly more for equipment with a better build quality results in greater value for money in the long run.

“They were all in agreement on this with one chef saying he ‘fully agreed’ and another saying, ‘I am a huge believer in paying more for premium products and find it always works out to be more cost effective.”

Pan’Artisan’s dough ball range ‘highly accredited’ by Craft Guild of Chefs

Pan’Artisan’s range of dough balls have been ‘highly accredited’ under the Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement Scheme, achieving a grade ’A’ rating and use of the ‘Approved Product’ logo.

The Company put forward a selection of its dough balls for the product endorsement programme  – all of which received excellent feedback from the three industry chefs who unanimously agreed that the dough balls were easy to use, of superior quality and that they would be happy to continue using them.

Popular inclusions in the dough ball range are; pizza dough balls which come in a variety of sizes and are made using an original Neapolitan recipe, allowing greater elasticity of the dough, for an exceptional, final flavour, along with their Sourdough dough ball, a speciality that is much in demand at present, yet can be time consuming and require skill to produce.  Pan’Artisan’s sourdough dough ball offers busy caterers a tangy, distinctive flavour and a popular menu choice.

Stuart Jackson, Director of Sales said, “We are absolutely delighted with this result and to have received this endorsement.  We think that our range of dough balls provide a consistent, premium quality product for busy operators, eliminating the need for specialist skills or equipment and this has now been verified.  To receive comments such as, ‘I would struggle to notice the difference in the final product up against freshly made’ and ‘Sourdough and pizza are far better than any other product used’ is high praise indeed and makes us very proud.”

For more information on the Pan’Artisan range of products call 01730 811490 or visit www.panartisan.com.

Pan’Artisan’s Focaccia and Tasca bread pockets

The Craft Guild of Chefs has awarded Pan’Artisan’s Focaccia Romana and Tasca bread pockets its highly esteemed ‘Approved Product’ status.

Following rigorous tests by a panel of chef judges handpicked by the Guild, each product was declared worthy of the accolade, which is designed to promote confidence in the chefs and consumers using them.

Judge comments included: “The (Focaccia Romana) tasted as good as it looked, I love the rustic homemade appearance”; “I found the product to be very versatile - using it as a pizza or topped flatbread base was the obvious use but it also worked well cut as breadsticks or as a sandwich or warm wrap.”

“The uniqueness of the Focaccia Romana is its practicality and diversity and the homemade appearance gives it a good point of difference.”

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