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Vogue Triwall Nisbets catering pan range
Nisbets' Vogue Triwall Pan range

Vogue’s Triwall Pan range has achieved Craft Guild of Chefs accreditation.

The Triwall range includes a number of heavy-duty pans, all boasting ‘stay cool’ handles and an innovative aluminum thermocore sandwiched between stainless steel walls, providing equal heat distribution for perfectly even cooking.

Leading UK chefs tested the pans across a two-week period, with the product receiving high praise for quality, performance and style.

The product range also includes a number of Mini Triwall Pans, complementing the heavy duty range, the mini pans were found the be ideal for sautéing, reducing and simmering, and boast many of the benefits of their larger counterparts.

The pans are dishwasher safe and suitable for use with all cooking surfaces including induction. The mirror polished exterior with brushed finish interior make for an attractive range of pans that are robust enough to withstand the needs of any commercial kitchen.

Nisbets Tsuki knives

Nisbets’ range of Tsuki knives have achieves a coveted Craft Guild of Chefs accreditation.

The knives were put through their paces across a two week period, with feedback demonstrating that they had impressed across the board; receiving praise for quality, performance and style.

Simon Clark, head of catering at Great Ormond Street Hospital and one of the chefs who tested the knives, described them as ‘’well made, comfortable and very sharp.’’ He also noted that they were ‘’durable’’ and that he found it easy to maintain a well-honed edge.

Made from a Japanese VG-10 stainless steel core, hardened up to 60° Rockwell rating, Tsuki knives provide outstanding cutting performance. Two layers of attractive damascus steel cover the core to protect against corrosion, whilst the ergonomically designed micarta resin handles provide excellent grip.

The range includes an 8” Chefs Knife, 5” Santoku Knife, Paring Knife and Utlity Knife amoungst others. A number of knife sets and wallets are also available.

Other endorsed Nisbets products include:

  • Vogue Heavy Duty Pan & Non Stick Tray Range
  • Cool Vent Jackets

For the full Tsuki range visit www.nisbets.co.uk/Tsuki or call Nisbets direct on 0845 140 5555.

Nisbets Chef Works jacket

Working in a hot kitchen environment can be tough, so when it comes to choosing the right kit, chefs shouldn’t just focus on their cooking equipment. Deciding on the appropriate uniform is just as important.

No company understands the demands of the kitchen more than leading catering equipment supplier, Nisbets, who in addition to offering a full range of products, exclusively supply Chef Works’ culinary uniforms in the UK and Ireland.  Following extensive testing, the Chef Works Cool Vent jacket has been awarded ‘Approved Product’ status by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

Andrew Green, director of operations of The Craft Guild of Chefs, said: "Jackets are iconic to a chef’s appearance, and are arguably the most essential garment in their working wardrobe.  With this in mind, a jacket which exudes the qualities of their profession; one which offers comfort, style and exact fit; and which aids temperature control, is vital to today’s chefs. 

"The Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets more than satisfy the requirements expected by Craft Guild of Chefs members, and so it is with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that they have exceeded the pass mark for our coveted ‘Approved Product’ status. This allows chefs to choose products which have been recognised as being excellent within the industry and which have been tested by their peers, giving them confidence in their purchase.”

The Craft Guild of Chefs members commented on how the Jackets were “considerably lighter than the jackets they currently wear”, whilst adding they were “also very comfortable”.  Described as “first class” and “a perfect fit”, chefs commented how they were impressed that “they allowed them to move freely and without restriction”.  Chefs liked the Jackets’ great quality and appearance, which they deemed “very appealing”; made with a material that “felt good and strong”.

The heat of a bustling kitchen is a key consideration when choosing which jacket to wear and the Craft Guild Chefs were particularly impressed with the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets’ ventilation.  The large back vent, designed to draw moisture away from the skin just like sportswear, provides “noticeably more airflow”, giving excellent ventilation.

Of course once a jacket has been worn, it needs cleaning.  Testers all commented on how well the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets washed and were impressed that they retained size, shape and colour. “Often jackets can feel tighter once washed, but this wasn’t the case with Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jacket”.

Featuring buttons instead of poppers, chefs commented on how these make the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jackets look “more classic in style”, giving the Jackets a premium feel.

Chefs concluded that the Chef Works Cool Vent Chefs Jacket is an impressive, lightweight garment, of good quality; which they would happily wear instead of their current jacket and which they would recommend to colleagues.

Chefs tested the Chef Works ‘Montreal’ Cool Vent Unisex Jacket, which is available in either white or black (A914/B054).

For more information and/or to view the huge range of kitchen equipment available from Nisbets, please visit www.nisbets.co.uk.  Alternatively, please call 0845 140 5555 or head to your nearest store.

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