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Demi glace, marinades, stocks – both pastes and powders

Demi glace was a good product, in particular when used with roast onion stock.

Marinades were considered good and the chefs who tested these products would use them. In the stock pastes, testers rated the highest for overall flavour and consistency: roast chicken, roast beef and roast onion.

Others were rated highly too. In powders, lamb was rated highest.

The programme, exclusively available to business partners, involves a panel of working Craft Guild chefs who assess the product including completing a ‘fit for purpose’ analysis questionnaire.

The market sector of the panel can be specified, but not the individual: cost sector, profit sector, or both, and can be tailored to pub, restaurant, banqueting, contract, ethnic and education sectors.

Once the products have achieved a pass rate, companies can use a specific Craft Guild logo and the wording ‘approved product’ on any packaging and literature for the tested product.

Millac Gold and Roselle Supreme are ‘cream of the crop’

Millac Gold and Roselle Supreme have become the first cream alternatives to be awarded the highly acclaimed Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement. Both products were tried and tested extensively against the Guild’s strict criteria and achieved ‘an extremely high grading’.

Simon Muschamp, Head of Marketing at Pritchitts, comments, “We pride ourselves on technical excellence and have been leading the market for 25 years, bringing cost effective, time saving solutions to kitchens, across all sectors. To be awarded the Craft Guild of Chefs’ Endorsement is testament to the high quality of our products and we are delighted with this achievement.”

Cyrus Todiwala MBE, Proprietor and Executive Chef of Café Spice Namasté, and a long time user of Millac Gold, adds, “We use Millac Gold in our kitchens because it offers convenience without compromising on taste and it performs better than dairy cream, adding to the balance of flavours that we strive to achieve.”

To find out more about Pritchitts’ range of products and for some great recipe ideas, visit www.pritchitts.com

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