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EcoFuel XB

Environmentally friendly chafing fuel product that burns exceptionally well in all tests. Rigorously tested under both burn and non-burn states and for health and safety, that is, punch holes in the can to see if leakage occurs, which it did not; tip can over while burning – no leakage or spillage.

Kitchen-Made ‘Essentials’ Pass Ultimate Road Test
Essential Cuisine

Essential Cuisine, creator of kitchen-made tasting stocks, jus, demi-glace and gravy, is on a roll with three of its products winning the stamp of approval from the leading UK chefs’ association.

Signature Beef Jus, Premier Jus, one of the leading foodservice jus brands, and its stock mix range have been endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs following an unbelievable year for the company.

Each one will now proudly display the coveted Product Endorsement logo on its label, reassuring professional chefs of their superior quality and taste, and that they are ‘fit for purpose’.

Managing director of Essential Cuisine Nigel Crane said: “We are not the biggest, most prolific brand out there in foodservice, which is why this endorsement is so important, demonstrating to professional chefs just how good we are.

“Over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of time in commercial kitchens, showing chefs the difference between what we do and what our competitors do and they have been genuinely surprised and impressed, resulting in many a coup for us in what has been an amazing year.”

While all three ranges received the stamp of approval, there were particular areas of sparkling praise. Essential Beef Stock, for example, was commended for its ‘excellent colour and taste, almost like consomme’, while the range’s colour coded packaging benefit in a busy kitchen was ‘good’.

Premier Jus in Lamb, Veal and Chicken, meanwhile, behaved like fresh jus ‘above expectation’, according to the high ranked judges. “They boiled without skimming or lumping and maintained flavour and consistency even after being cooled and refrigerated and then re-boiled for the next service, with excellent results,” they concluded. “It is an exceptional product,” said one.

Essential’s Signature Beef Jus was also praised for its “full body, strong flavour and nice, thick consistency”. Due to its liquid form, the taste would also be consistent “time after time”.

The Craft Guild of Chefs’ Endorsement Programme enables food manufacturers to test existing products and those under development using leading chefs from across the hospitality industry - establishing whether products are ‘fit for purpose’.

For more information, call 0870 050 1133, e-mail sales@essentialcuisine.com or visit www.essentialcuisine.com

KNORR bouillon makes the grade
KNORR bouillon

The KNORR Clear Bouillon range from Unilever Foodsolutions has received the Craft Guild of Chefs’ seal of approval, following testing by high-level chefs as part of the Guild’s Product Endorsement Programme.

Results from the tests revealed that three out of three chefs stated that they found KNORR Clear Bouillon an authentic, easy to use product that meets the needs of chefs.

Claire Sullivan, marketing director, Unilever Foodsolutions says: “It is a great honour that the Craft Guild of Chefs has decided to endorse KNORR Clear Bouillon, which is a fantastic product from the KNORR Bouillon range. It also reinforces the fact that KNORR is the number one choice for chefs.”

KNORR Clear Bouillons add full flavour, without affecting the natural colour of a dish. Their authentic flavour profile makes them a perfect solution for chefs looking to create delicious white sauces, clear soups and veloutés. The Craft Guild of Chefs’ testing panel also found it ideal for poaching and braising.

There are three varieties in the KNORR Clear Bouillons range - clear chicken, clear vegetable, and clear fish – all are available in cases of 2 x 1kg.

For further information on the KNORR Bouillons range and other KNORR products, please contact the Unilever Foodsolutions careline on 0800 783 3728 (calls may be recorded) or visit www.unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk

KNORR stock reduction gets stamp of approval
KNORR stocks

KNORR, the number one brand for chefs, from Unilever Foodsolutions, has obtained another Craft Guild of Chefs product endorsement, for its KNORR Stock Reduction range – also endorsed by legendary chef, Marco Pierre White.

Marco has developed a range of recipes using KNORR Stock Reduction, and comments: “You would be mad to make 
stock from scratch for large 
banqueting occasions when you 
have KNORR Stock Reduction”.

The Craft Guild’s panel of chefs who tested the range, unanimously agreed that they found the products very easy to use, authentic and close to scratch made, whilst being suitable to their everyday needs as chefs. They found that the stock reduction was most suitable for making soups, sauces and risottos.

Made from carefully selected quality ingredients, KNORR Stock Reduction contains reduced meat stock or vegetable juice to create a homemade-style jelly product that spoons easily, dissolving quickly into boiling water or straight to the pan. Available in Beef, Chicken and Vegetable varieties, KNORR Stock Reduction achieves the closest taste, look and aroma to scratch-made stock in a KNORR Bouillon.

The KNORR Stock Reduction range offer chefs the following added benefits

  • Meets UK Food Standards Agency 2010 Salt Reduction Targets
  • No added MSG
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Delicious aroma with no need for additional colorants and flavourings
  • Suitable for a gluten-free diet
  • Suitable for a lactose-free diet
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Nine months shelf life unopened, three months refrigerated once opened
  • 2 x 800g case size

For further information about the new KNORR Stock Reduction and other KNORR products, please contact the Unilever Foodsolutions careline on 0800 783 3728 (calls may be recorded) or visit www.unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk.

KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon

KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon has secured one of the most respected endorsements in the industry – approval from the Craft Guild of Chefs.

The newest and most innovative stock on the market, KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon, offers a revolutionary jelly format and is the closest to scratch made stock that’s available to buy.

The industry buzz around Jelly Bouillon has been high since it was previewed at The Restaurant Show by top chefs including Mark Sargeant  and Hayden Groves, National Chef of the Year 2013.

As a continuation of its success, it has undergone thorough testing with the Craft Guild of Chefs over a period of two weeks. Independent operators made up the panel, and reported back with glowing reviews.

The simplicity and range of applications for the product stood out for the chefs. Having sampled it in glazes, marinades and sauces, the chefs commented on the product being ‘easy and versatile to use’.

The quality and flavour were also rated highly by the panel, with one chef describing its taste as ‘spot on’.

The chefs were also reassured that it did not contain any of the 14 allergens listed in European Regulation 1169/2011 on Food Information to Consumers. By using KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon, there is no compromise when avoiding allergens.

KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon now has the seal of approval from the Craft Guild of Chefs, and can display the ‘approved product’ logo. This instantly recognisable seal reinforces its quality to professional chefs.

For more information on KNORR Professional Jelly Bouillon, or to request a free sample, visit www.knorrjellybouillon.co.uk

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