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Eat Well Cheese Company cheddar, half and reduced fat cheese
Cricketer Farm

Cheddar, half and reduced fat cheese from the Eat Well Cheese Company, part of Cricketer Farm), have received the Craft Guild of Chefs’ seal of approval, following testing by high-level chefs as part of the Guild’s Product Endorsement Programme.

Results from the tests revealed all three variants to be great tasting, authentic and easy to use products that meet the needs of chefs for cooking.

They were especially full of praise for the added value that the reduced fat cheese provided in healthier recipes, as well as the gratinating and meltability capabilities of the half and reduced fat cheese.

Greg Parsons, managing director of The Eat Well Cheese Company, says: “It is a great honour that the Craft Guild of Chefs has endorsed mature cheddar and half and reduced fat cheese that are three great local Somerset British cheese made from grass fed cow’s milk.

"This also reinforces the fact that half and reduced fat cheese are the ideal ingredients for great tasting healthier recipes."

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